About Living health and Education Foundation

Living health and Education Foundation is a charity based in the UK started by a group of volunteers.

Our aims and objectives are to address key social issues affecting children, women and people in Sierra Leone, issues such as; poverty, standard and levels of education attainment and achievements and focus of public health.

In the UK, our main activities consist of fundraising and mobilising resources for our various projects in Sierra Leone, linking up with like- minded agencies in the UK, holding meetings to implement and review our business plan.

We have a branch in Sierra Leone with its own governance which is responsible for implementing our programmes on the ground.


Our core values:

Integrity, Community, Excellence and Equality.


Our Objectives:

  • Advancement of Christian faith among peoples of the world and to play a part through its teachings in building a better society for the public good of all.
  • Advancement and improvement of Educational standards in Sierra Leone particularly primary, adult, technical and vocational training.
  • Advancement and promotion of health care in Sierra Leone through health promotion programmes on preventable diseases, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, maternal health and sanitation.
  • Key to our programmes is the is the alleviation of poverty in Sierra Leone through education and support of small scale individual income generating activities.