Education Projects

Living Health and Education Foundation undertakes very creative and innovative educational projects in Sierra Leone, with focus to improve the standard of education and levels of educational achievements as well as developing the capacities of the school governors and parents and teachers associations. These are some of the current projects;

Schools Governance

Living Health and Education Foundation realises that while there is willingness among the parents in Sierra Leone to play a role in education of their children, there is great need to develop the capacity amongst the elected school governors and the members of the parents and teachers associations so that they can effectively perform their tasks. Living Health and Education Foundation conducts joint workshops for the schools in their roles and responsibilities, development of schools budgets and finance policies, school development policy, leadership.

Schools Resources

Living Health and Education Foundation mobilises through its volunteers in the UK, science and laboratory equipment, books, sports and music materials and distributes them in schools in Sierra Leone.

Book Clubs

Living Health and Education Foundation encourages and promotes schools to start Book Clubs. We have established this project in response to the growing low levels of reading culture in Sierra Leone.

Global Schools Linking Scheme

Living Health and Education Foundation is in discussion with DFID Global Schools Partnership, through its partners the British Council, UK One World Linking Association, Cambridge Education Foundation and Volunteer Service Overseas to promote the schools linking scheme between UK schools and schools in Sierra Leone.

Health Projects

Living Health Health Foundation will participate with all willing partners in Sierra Leone such as government departments, NGOS, missionary hospitals, doctors in private practice to address the healthcare needs of the people. Our present projects in sierra Leone are;

Training of First Aiders in Rural Areas
Sierra Leone recently went through one of its worst health experiences in its history. The Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone in 2015 which claimed thousands of life showed how unprepared the nation is in times of crisis. Our charity is laying out a plan to train first aiders at local levels so as to be able to respond quickly to any major crisis be it floods, fire, outbreak of an epidemic.

Health Promotion Project
Living Health and Education Foundation main emphasis in healthcare in Sierra Leone is preventing the occurrence of disease; it aims to reduce the incidence of disease. It involves early interventions in the forms of encouraging vaccinations, running health awareness programmes through the basic and social media and outreach.

We undertake both prevention and secondary health promotion and advocate on behalf of those living with HIV

This project will involve education of mothers, simple and basic training of food preparations which we take for granted, home visits and referrals to health facilities for severely malnourished children.